luxury lux‧u‧ry [ˈlʌkʆri] noun luxuries PLURALFORM
1. [countable] something that is expensive and not really necessary but is pleasing and enjoyable:

• luxuries such as a yacht and gold-plated bathroom fixtures

2. luxury apartment/​car etc a very expensive and large apartment, car etc:

• Porsche, Saab and BMW are fierce competitors in the luxury car market.

• It has switched its major focus to luxury gift items.

3. [uncountable] great pleasure and enjoyment from large, beautiful, and expensive cars, houses etc:

• The days when Americans paid any price for luxury are probably over.

— luxurious adjective :

• He runs his company, Silver Pictures, from a luxurious villa in Hollywood.

• a luxurious yacht club in Florida

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luxury UK US /ˈlʌkʃəri/ noun (plural luxuries)
[U] the pleasure and comfort you get from expensive and beautiful things: »

I made money on shares and for a while I lived in luxury.

a luxury apartment/car/yacht »

The market for luxury cars was badly hit by the recession.

a luxury cruise/hotel/resort »

They plan to build a luxury hotel in Nairobi.

luxury brands/goods/items »

The store sells luxury brands such as Prada and Chanel.

[C] something expensive which is pleasant to have but is not really necessary: »

He enjoys luxuries, such as champagne and caviar.


Foreign travel is still an expensive luxury that many cannot afford.

[S] something that gives you pleasure or an advantage which you do not usually have: »

A day off work is such a luxury.


I enjoyed the luxury of travelling business class.


We cannot afford the luxury of delaying this decision.

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